Photographic Lighting Workshop

Light is an essential element to every photograph. In this workshop you will learn how to understand light and create your best images yet!

We will work in my professional photography studio in Vero Beach, Florida where you will learn to see different qualities of light and how they effect the visual impact your photographs. Learn the difference between a soft box, umbrella, reflector and a focusing fresnel and how they shape light. You will get hands-on experience using these tools to create professional quality images in the studio. We will also discuss using natural/available light and flash based on the principals demonstrated in the studio.

Aric Attas, Driftwood, Product Photography, 2012

  • Understand the elements of light and understand white balance, color temperature and exposure.
  • Explore qualities of light and how light effects the visual impact of your images.
  • Learn to use various tools to shape and control light.
  • Apply your knowledge to natural/available light as well as camera flash.

This will be a small workshop where you will gain hands-on experience in a variety of lighting scenarios using professional lighting equipment.

* Next workshop date TBD. Please contact Aric Attas for more info.


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