What is Art?

“Meaningful art, in any medium, is mind changing, challenging the prejudices of conventional thought. In this role, art lives between the known and the unknown, communicating what it discovers in this ambiguous territory.” – Duane Preble

This is an interesting quote from Duane Preble’s introduction to the book “Tao of Photography: Seeing Beyond Seeing”.  I agree with Preble that for art to be meaningful it should move us in some way and change the way we think about or perceive the world around us. Think about the last great work of art you saw. How did it move you, shift your perceptions, mood or mind? Did it get you to reconsider a believe or open you to seeing things in a new way?

The idea of art living between the known and the unknown is another interesting idea raised by Preble. Living in this space is one of the most exciting and terrifying aspects of being an artist. Rollo May discusses brilliantly in his wonderful book “The Courage To Create”.

Both books are highly recommended for those of you would like become more creative in your work and life.

At it’s best art can wake us up and help us live a more creative and richer life!


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