Fantastic Photo From Creative Sparks Photographer Bill Lord

We had another inspiring group at Creative Sparks last night looking at new work and discussing creativity and art. One of the most talked about images of the evening was this photograph from Bill Lord.

Bill Lord, Untitled Photograph, 2014

Bill Lord, Untitled, 2014


Many of us were drawn into the space of the image and felt as though we were looking at a futuristic planet or spaceship. We could just as easily have been looking at an extreme macro photograph of some type of cell.

We were fascinated by the order and repetition on the bottom left of the photograph and by the way it dissolves into chaos and complexity moving left to right. The play between materiality and immateriality along with the deceptive simplicity of the image were also discussed with great enthusiasm.

Wonderful image Bill! Thank you for sharing your ideas and curiosity with us!

Creative Sparks is a weekly photography class and creativity workshop held on Thursday evenings in Vero Beach, Florida. Students are guided to discover their creative vision with nationally recognized artist/photographer Aric Attas in a small group setting.

Photograph © Bill Lord. All rights reserved. Photograph used by permission.

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