Photograph From Creative Sparks Photographer Bob Webster

Last night’s Creative Sparks session was inspiring as always. We discussed discovering your creative vision and the idea of photography as means of exploration and discovery. We also continued our conversation about chaos and order from last week.

Bob Webster has an intuitive ability to reveal structure within chaos and build layers of depth and texture. Here’s an example from his last trip to England.

Bob Webster, Untitled Color Photograph, 2014

Bob Webster, Untitled Color Photograph, 2014


The limited palette and contrast between sharp lines and blurred color pique my curiosity. The layers, texture and movement keep me engaged and spark my imagination. I’m drawn to the bold lines in this photograph as well as the sense of dimension. As I contemplate the image I’m reminded of a close-up of a strand of DNA.

Creative Sparks is a unique photography class and creativity workshop held on Thursday evenings in Vero Beach, Florida. Students are guided to discover their creative vision with internationally recognized artist/photographer Aric Attas in a small group setting.

Photograph copyright © Bob Webster. All rights reserved. Photograph used by permission.

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