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Creative Inspiration from Outer Space

Check out this amazing time lapse video of images taken from the International Space Station. The views are spectacular! I especially like the lightning storms, the aurora borealis and the city lights at night. I find this perspective very inspiring. … Continue reading

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New abstract color photographs

These are some new abstract color photographs made recently in Vero Beach. I am interested in the way the photographs bring out the colors, iridescence, textures and depth found on a the surface of a commonly overlooked object. What’s beneath the … Continue reading

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The Creative Genius Of Edward Weston

Artists struggle in “the new” all the time. Creating form where there was none. Edward Weston’s Daybooks are full of his thoughts as explored the medium of photography and created what we now consider to be “the standards”. I find … Continue reading

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Photograph Inspired by Quantum Physics & Cosmology

A recent color photograph inspired by quantum physics & cosmology. This is a straight photograph with no manipulation. I like the way it looks like a rip in the space-time continuum or a glimpse into a parallel universe. Click the … Continue reading

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New Photography Gallery By Mirja Heide Posted

I recently posted a gallery of photographs by Mirja Heide. She has been a participant in my creativity workshops and photography classes. I encourage you to visit the gallery to see some outstanding photographs by Mirja. Aric  

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Learning More About Creativity & Innovation From Steve Jobs

As I continue reading Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs I have been thinking about Jobs’s assertion that people don’t know what they want. He didn’t believe in focus groups and market research as a way of developing products but … Continue reading

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Photographing Independence Day 2012

I love photographing fireworks. There’s always something new to discover, something unexpected that appears. I took this photograph last night and like the “cosmic” quality of the top of the image as well as the dynamic sense of energy coming … Continue reading

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Creativity this week

Hi there, I WILL be at Brain Freeze this Thursday for our Discovering Your Creative Vision Creative Sparks session. I plan to be there from 6:30-8pm and look forward to seeing your new work and discussing photography, art & creativity … Continue reading

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Creative Inspiration from Photographer André Kertész

The great photographer André Kertész was born on this day in Budapest, Hungary in 1894. His sensitivity to subject and composition were unprecedented and his photographs have provided immeasurable contributions to the language of photography. “If you want to write … Continue reading

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