Here’s what some of my students have to say about my photography classes, creativity workshops and private lessons.

“I have really enjoyed your class and your energized style of teaching/leading/ exploring with us. My perceptions have really expanded. Thank you hugely!” – Virginia Lee

“This was an awesome class. I learned so much more than I anticipated when I enrolled. You are awesome and a knowledgeable and patient instructor. I highly recommend this class to anyone. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm for photography.” – Margo Arnold

“I must tell you how very much I enjoyed the class and it has given me a new approach to my picture taking. I’m viewing everything with much more awareness and am taking so many more photos!” – Jasmin Pelletier

“Just wanted to say again that was a great class last night. I got more out of your two hours than most of the time with other groups. Looking forward to the next class and please pass along any other emails and tidbits you generate. Thanks!” – Brendan Wilson

“Amazing class. I felt liberated and inspired after taking Aric’s class.”

“I just wanted to tell you again how much I enjoyed the Thursday night classes at the museum (Discovering Your Creative Vision). I was not exaggerating when I said the class and how you structured it has been life changing. I am literally and figuratively seeing the world through a different ‘lens’ each day. Angles, shadows, reflections were all right in front of me screaming to be appreciated all these  ears. My friends have always accepted that I ‘hear a different drummer’ so they just roll their eyes now when I point out to them “look how the ice cubes in your drink are reflecting off the placemat” – Thanks for sharing your knowledge and excitement of photography in a way that really does inspire. – Pat Kaletkowski

“Wow! What a great morning! Now when I need to feel inspired, I know where to go.”

“Aric is a great instructor with an extraordinary amount of knowledge. His classes are structured so well, that from the beginning, you are learning before you know it. Love the classes!” – Kim Sullivan Dahan

“Hi Aric…..once again Mike and I thoroughly enjoyed last night…….you are so encouraging and a wealth of knowledge!  You have such a nice way in critquing everyone’s photos…..your praise is genuine and your advice/suggestions for improvement is kind and valuable…you make each of us feel inspired and excited about our current work and possibilities. Thank you, thank you!” – Joanna Brown

“Thank you, thank you for your enthusiasm and transferring your love of photography to your students.” – Jan

“Thanks again for a great experience!”

“The pictures came out great and I am really happy with how the layout is looking. Thank you both for all your work and time, I deeply appreciate it.” – Diana Ramírez, Art Director, Palm Beach Media Group

“I just saw the ‘This Girl is on Fire’ video.  It is amazing!  You really captured the essence of Impact 100. The members’ and Community Partners’ enthusiasm just popped.  Thank you so much.” – Jane R. Coyle, President, Indian River Impact 100

“I want you to know I am really enjoying class. The knowledge and insight you share with us is really inspiring me to look at the world around me differently. Thank you.” – Laurie Young

“I have been studying photography with Aric weekly over the last 6 months and have found him to be knowledgable, insightful, and helpful in making me a more “complete” photographer. As a result, my understanding and vision have benefited significantly.” – Paul Simon

“Great to hear from you, glad to see that you are still pursuing your photography passion. Your classes at Tunxis were the highlight of my long pursuit to complete my BS degree. Beyond photography, the time I spent in your classes changed the way I ‘see’ the world. I have since completed my BS and have been pursuing graduate studies which I can assure you are no where near as interesting or as fun as creative photography! My latest arts related venture is getting back to the guitar – nobody would call my playing ‘art’ but I’m having fun shuffling the blues.

“Congratulations on your upcoming marriage and keep using your talents to inspire people – we appreciate it!”

All the best,
George Garner

“I want to thank you for your wonderful Creative Vision class. I feel like I improved and learned a lot. I’ve been trying to take my camera with me more often to keep the momentum going.”

Thanks for sparking my creativity!” – Joyce Smith

“I also enjoyed the adventure on Saturday. After looking at everybody’s pictures, I could have gone back out and tried a couple of things, like putting on the longer lens that I was carrying around in my backpack (!) and playing with the settings more. I was so concentrating on patterns and the correct exposures that I guess I was too busy to try anything else. It was inspiring and you are a great teacher. Thanks for all your help.” – Deb

“I joined a photo club here in Arkansas and they are an active group we go to balloon fests/waterfalls/state parks etc–so I’m still glad I met you and took your class–you inspire- thanks” – Lorchid Benson

“I am reading the first set of student essays for the American lit course I am teaching. As I write comments on their papers, I find myself using your strategy of phrasing things in the most positive, constructive way. Maybe it will make a difference, especially compared to my former snarkiness.

Thanks for modeling good teaching behavior — and I thought I knew it all . . .”

“Enjoyed the class…you are a great teacher…patient” – Karen Williams

“Aric has a great photographic background. He can walk the talk as well as talk the talk.

His teaching style is unique – concentrating on the positives rather than the negatives. When he critiques your work he comments on what he considers good and says nothing about the rest. Then you can figure that the rest were not good and try to see why based on his comments on the good…

I have taken his Creative Vision twice. There was no repetition. You could continue to take that class and learn something new each time.” – Tom McCauley

“Thank you for everything!!!  The photos are wonderful … Amazing!!”  – Melissa Mittag, Treasure Coast Sotheby’s International Realty

“From my perspective, your class has been an outstanding success.” – Jay Haberland

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