Photography Lesson 4 – The Frame

Photographic Design | Framing

The camera frames the world around us. It’s amazing to go to the same location with a group of people with cameras and get an infinite number of photographic interpretations. For this lesson think about how you fill the frame. What do you leave out?

Ideas To Consider
How do the colors, shapes and lines break up the frame?
Active Cropping vs. Passive Cropping
Use windows, doors, trees, arches and other lines to create frames within frames.

Assignment Objectives
Framing is an essential element of photography. This assignment will challenge you to think and see like a photographer framing the essential elements of what you want to show your viewer.

This is a fascinating video of master photographer Joel Meyerowitz talking about the importance of the frame.

5-8 images using frames as a design element.

Joel Meyerowitz – “What you put in the frame determines the photograph”
André Kertész, Martinique, Black & White Photograph, 1972
André Kertész, Martinique, 1972

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