Fine Art Exhibition Seeking the Light Feature Article in 32963 Magazine

Aric Attas, Seeking the Light No. 82, Arcival Digital Print on Hahnemuhle FineArt Baryta 325 gsm paper, 30 x 20", 2013

Aric Attas, Seeking the Light No. 82, Arcival Digital Print on Hahnemuhle FineArt Baryta 325 gsm paper, 30 x 20″, 2013

My current work is a photographic reflection of my meditation practice and study of Kabbalah. These parallel practices use light to engage the mysteries of creation and the infinite opening the door to receive wholeness, healing and peace.

Here’s a link Ellen Fischer’s feature article on my exhibition  Seeking the Light at Center for Spiritual Care Vero Beach 32963. We discuss my fascination with Cosmology and Kabbalah and how I used art and creativity to survive cancer.

Renowned Artist Aric Attas to Show At Vero’s Center for Spiritual Care

Highly regarded fine art and commercial photographer Aric Attas will open a summer exhibition of recent work at the Center for Spiritual Care with an artist’s reception, at 5 p.m., Friday, August 7, 2015. The show, which will run through September 25, is called “Seeking the Light.” The Center is located at 1550 24th Street in Vero Beach.

The multimedia exhibition will include still photos, video and soundscapes. “Aric’s work is full of mystery and profound beauty,” says Carol Ludwig, the Center’s director. “This installation by one of the area’s finest artists promises to be a high point for gallery-goers this year.”

Attas has earned an international reputation for his fine art work. He consistently explores the boundaries of representational and abstract photography and he has won critical praise for his highly original photograms, which challenge existing notions of the photograph.

Attas is well known locally for his teaching at the Vero Beach Museum of Art and his work as director of photography at Vero Home, Life & Design magazine.

Noted for his boundary-expanding experiments, Attas has also created performance pieces. His best-known work in this genre was called “Ions in the Ether.” In it, photographically etched zinc plates were dissolved in acid, copper plating their negatives with a reaction reminiscent of medieval alchemy in its desire to turn simple elements into gold.

Attas received his MFA in photography from the Hartford Art School in 1996. He is a highly sought-after commercial photographer, specializing in architectural, food and product photography. In Vero Beach he operates Aric Attas {Creative}, a multi-faceted creative studio. He has also been active recently in helping create the contemporary art collective and gallery Project Space 1785.

Special thanks to Carol Ludwig and Warren Obluck for the invitation to exhibit my work at the Center for Spiritual Care and to Ellen Fischer​ for the wonderful article in Vero Beach 32963.

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