Quantum Fluctuations

Experimental Photograms
Exploring the Nature of Space, Time, Energy, and Matter

Quantum fluctuation refers to the constant flickering of matter and antimatter that fills the quantum vacuum. According to quantum cosmology these fluctuations, or “noise”, provided the seeds in the primordial plasm from which the universe(s) evolved. In other words, everything we can observe and imagine, from quarks, galaxies, and perhaps even parallel universes is the result of quantum flux; out of “nothingness” came everything.

These unique photograms were made as an exploration of the theories of relativity, quantum physics and cosmology. – Aric Attas

Photographs copyright © Aric Attas. All rights reserved.

To learn about the inspiration behind these experimental photograms exploring the concepts of quantum physics and cosmology see my Artist Statement here.

These are unique fine art archival prints. A few of these images are still available for sale. Each image is a unique photogram, one of a kind, and measures 14″ x 11″. Please contact me for size and pricing options.

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