Discovering Your Creative Vision

Discovering Your Creative Vision
Vero Beach Museum of Art
Wednesdays 6:30-8:30pm
Next class TBA
Fee: $265 (Museum members $220)
10 Weeks

*Please contact me for more info or to schedule private lessons.

Here’s a sneak peak of Discovering Your Creative Vision featured on Ovation TV!

Please contact me for private lessons or to request a small group. I will also add you to my email list to notify you of future classes.

Discovering Your Creative Vision is a unique creativity workshop that uses photography to challenge the perceptions and creative limitations of the participants. With today’s technology, almost everybody has a camera with them, everywhere they go. This seminar taps the camera to discover ways of thinking creatively. Using a variety of photography strategies workshop participants will develop unique perspectives, seeing new patterns and themes not readily apparent. Learn to see from a unique perspective while developing insight and fostering innovation, and how to bring these ideas into our work as photographers.

Aric Attas, Particle Zoo, Color Photograph, 2011 Art inspired by physics

Aric Attas, Particle Zoo, Color Photograph, 2011

In this creativity workshop you will:

  • Identify barriers to seeing.
  • Discover novelty in the familiar.
  • Learn new communication skills.
  • Explore techniques for finding creative solutions.
  • Tap into your creativity and apply it to your professional & personal life.

Photography provides a unique way for us to interact with and thus understand the world. Unlike reading, applying formulas, analyzing statistics or reviewing flow charts and diagrams, photography allows us to visually engage our surroundings in both intuitive and analytical ways. As we do this we begin seeing things we were previously unaware of as well as our unique relationship with the world. This process allows us to discover new subtleties and details that make us more perceptive and help us find new connections ultimately improving our ability to engage in our photography. These techniques provide invaluable insight towards developing the critical and creative thinking that is the hallmark of a successful artist.

Discovering Your Creative Vision with Aric Attas feature article in Vero Beach 32963



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