Mysterious abstract color photograph

A mysterious abstract color photograph taken over the weekend. I particularly like the play of light and the sense of mystery and movement in this image. I invite you to leave a comment.

Aric Attas, Untitled, Abstract Color Photograph, 2012

Aric Attas, Untitled, Color Photograph, 2012


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2 Responses to Mysterious abstract color photograph

  1. Bob Webster says:


    Very ethereal … and reminiscent of smoke or cirrus being ripped by the “jet stream” … of course I’m curious how you managed that!

    I’ll try to follow online what I miss while I’m away.


  2. Aric says:

    Thanks Bob. I’m drawn to the ethereal, smokey feel of this. This was done in camera, no Photoshop effects, using a long shutter speed while photographing water. It’s amazing what you can do with a camera a little imagination. Be open to possibilities wherever you are and follow your intuition.