Observations – Wynwood Art District Miami Street Art

I love visiting Miami’s Wynwood Art District whenever possible. They have a fantastic art walk on the second Saturday of every month. The street art is amazing, the galleries always have interesting work and the food is delicious. What more could you want? Oh yeah, Cuban coffee… they have that too!

I usually start my visit with a cafe con leche and a snack from Versailles Restaurant and then head over to Wynwood to check out the galleries.

This month’s highlights were Dina Mitrani’s exhibition of alternative photography processes called “Historic Process/Contemporary Visions”, N’Namdi Contemporary’s Ed Clark Retrospective and Argentine Photography at PanAmericanArt Projects.

The Korean crispy duck sandwich from Sakaya Kitchen was a great way to wrap up my visit to Wynwood!

More photos coming soon…

Aric Attas, Wynwood Art District Miami Street Art, 2013.

Aric Attas, Wynwood Street Art, June 2013

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