Creative Photography Ideas From Creative Sparks – Jenna Lanam

Here is one of the inspiring photographs from last Thursday’s Creative Sparks creativity workshop. This black & white photo is from Jenna Lanam. Jenna has been taking my photography classes at the Vero Beach Museum of Art and recently began attending Creative Sparks. I’ve noticed a strong evolution in her work as she continues to develop her craft and creative vision.

This photo is one of several beautiful photos Jenna recently presented to our group exploring themes of strength and frailty, mortality.

Jenna Lanam, On Edge, Black + White Photograph, 2013

Jenna Lanam, On Edge, Black + White Photograph, 2013












Creative Sparks is a unique photography class based in Vero Beach, Florida. Students are guided to discover their creative vision with nationally recognized artist/photographer Aric Attas in a small group setting.

Photograph © Jenna Lanam. All rights reserved.

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