Inspiring quote on creativity by Paul Caponigro

Here’s a beautiful quote on photography & creativity from Paul Caponigro.

“At the root of creativity is an impulse to understand, to make sense of random and often unrelated details. For me, photography provides an intersection of time, space, light, and emotional stance. One needs to be still enough, observant enough, and aware enough to recognize the life of the materials, to be able to ‘hear through the eyes’.” – Paul Caponigro

Paul Caponigro, Running White Deer, 1967

Paul Caponigro, Running White Deer, 1967








This is an interesting description of Paul Caponigro’s photography from the summary of his book Paul Caponigro: An Aperture Monograph 1972 on

“Paul Caponigro is a poet among photographers. His work has a rhythmic quality that evokes movement yet stillness. His photographs lead into realms of unknown beauty. He tries to go beyond the surface into the essence of his subject: the flowers exhale fragrance, a sunlit sunflower is a heliograph in every sense of the word, snow is myth, stones and rocks radiate their nature with tactile sensations. As an accomplished photographer and musician, Caponigro understands the use of technique to achieve artistic integrity. He strives for technical perfection, but he is not limited by technique. As a poet uses words, as a musician uses notes, he translates the world and his feeling about it into his visual language. This monograph tells more about Paul Caponigro than words can. It gives us the privilege of visiting undiscovered worlds through the sensual events of this world. It makes us know what it is to be stone or wood through the intuitions of light. Through his work that rare thing happens: what the heart feels is revealed in a radiance of outward form.”

To read an interesting conversation with Paul Caponigro and John Paul Caponigro about photography, creativity & spirituality visit:

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