Abstract Color Photography Ideas From Creative Sparks Photographer Bill Lord

This week’s featured image from my Creative Sparks creativity/photography class comes from Bill Lord. Many of Bill’s images are abstract, some using post-processing techniques in Photoshop and NIK, others are straight photographs using only the the camera to create abstract yet representational images.

Bill Lord, Thresholds, Color Photograph, 2013

Bill Lord, Thresholds, Color Photograph, 2013

This is a fantastic image full of depth and mystery. I am particularly drawn to the large translucent green spirals that lead my eye around and back into the photograph. The purple and green highlights push back and forth adding to the depth of this cosmic image and sparking my imagination.

Creative Sparks is a unique photography class and creativity workshop based in Vero Beach, Florida. Students are guided to discover their creative vision with nationally recognized artist/photographer Aric Attas in a small group setting.

Photograph © Bill Lord. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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