Creative photography ideas from Creative Sparks photographer Nancy Alderman

This week’s featured image comes from Creative Sparks photographer Nancy Alderman. Nancy has been exploring water as a theme recently and brought this amazing image to share with us last night.

Nancy Alderman, Water Drop, 2013

Nancy Alderman, Water Drop, 2013


I am immediately drawn to the bold composition of this photograph. The contrasty light, strong diagonals and crisp droplet of water captivate my attention. As I look closer at the water droplet I notice the detailed lines from the plant in the background. I find the contrast between the organic and geometric very compelling. This image is imaginative, beautiful and captivating.

Thank you Nancy!

Creative Sparks is a unique photography class and creativity workshop held on Thursday evenings in Vero Beach, Florida. Students are guided to discover their creative vision with nationally recognized artist/photographer Aric Attas in a small group setting.

Photograph © Nancy Alderman. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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