Quote On Photography, Space & Time By Wynn Bullock

Here’s an interesting quote on photography, space and time from photographer Wynn Bullock.

“I feel all things as dynamic events, being, changing, and interacting with each other in space and time even as I photograph them.” – Wynn Bullock

Wynn Bullock, Color Light Abstraction

Wynn Bullock, Color Light Abstraction


Although primarily known for his Black & White photography Bullock created a stunning series of color light abstractions from about 1959-1964. “For about five years, Dad all but stopped making black & white photographs and became totally absorbed in the creation of his photographs of light. He felt that color helped him express the beauty, richness, and potency of light as a living force. Abstraction enabled him to get close to the essence of universal qualities. By choosing not to symbolize recognizable object-events – for example a tide pool teeming with a variety a familiar organisms – and by symbolizing instead vivid forms of light pulsing with energy and surging upward through unfathomable darkness, Dad believed he could evoke more directly and intensely the qualities which both pictures could represent.” Barbara Bullock-Wilson

To see the full range of Bullock’s photography including his Black & White work visit: http://www.wynnbullockphotography.com. There are also some insightful essays from his daughter Barbara.

To see more of Wynn Bullock’s beautiful color light abstractions check out this monograph at Amazon.

Image Copyright © Bullock Family Photography.

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